Custom Tiki Bamboo Pole Order

Hi! I'm the owner of Bamboo Dick's. I love to make custom orders. Please contact me with your unique backyard tiki project and I will get back to you with a quote.

Bamboo Poles Galore

I harvest bamboo groves in Atlanta, Georgia. I have hundreds of bamboo poles ranging from half an inch to 4+ inches. I can make everything from bamboo fountains, bamboo masks to bamboo structures. All of our bamboo is flame cured and we can use a variety of wood oils, such as tung oil. I also highly recommend spending the extra money for a spar urethane lacquer finish if your product needs to be outdoors. If you are local to Atlanta, I am happy to sell the poles themselves.

Bamboo Poles in racks drying

Examples of Custom Products

Bamboo Tiki Mask Lantern

I made this piece for my own backyard tiki bar. I place a candle inside and it helps add to the tiki atmosphere.


Custom Bamboo Fountain

A customer wanted my simple bamboo fountain but cut to custom specs and with a custom base. 

Custom Bamboo Fountain

Custom base for bamboo fountain


Custom Bamboo Water Pipe

A customer asked me if I could produce a water pipe with my style in mind. This was the first iteration. Later iterations are still in process with good feedback from the client.

Please contact me with your vision of a product that you want in your home, bar or backyard!