Deer Scare Bamboo Fountain Assembly

Our bamboo fountain comes unassembled so it is not damaged in shipping. Follow the steps below to easily assemble.

Bamboo Fountain Parts

From left to right: Spout, main body, deer scare, deer scare axle.

Step 1 : Insert spout into angled hole. Twist back and forth if the fit is tight. Allow room on the inside of the main body of the fountain for the tube. Make sure the angle of the spout allows the water to flow downwards.

Bamboo Spout Insertion Twist Spout into hole

Step 2 : Insert axle through the holes in the main body and the holes in the deer scare portion. Make sure that the short end of the deer scare portion is under the spout.

Insert axle into hole Inserting axle into hole Finished Fountain

Step 3 : Insert fountain onto stabilizer base. The longest support on the base should face towards the back of the fountain.


Insert into fountain base

Inserted into fountain base

Step 4 : Insert tube through the side of the main body of the fountain. Angle it towards the spout. If you have issues getting it into the spout use a pencil or screwdriver to guide it. It sometimes helps to take the spout out and push the tube through first and then insert the spout. Make sure the tube is about half way down the spout.

Inserting tube into side Inserting tube through side Using a long pencil to manipulate tube into spout Inserting tube into spout

Step 5 : Place rocks around base to hold fountain in place


Water shoots past deer scare - Push the spout in further and turn down the pressure on your pump.

Deer scare does not dump out or does not return to the top - Make sure your fountain is perfectly level. If that does not work, make sure the water flow is not too high, sometimes the spout can keep the deer scare in the downward position. If that does not work you may need to add weight to the back of the deer scare. 


Please contact me if you have any questions or issues with your fountain. We want to make sure you are happy!